EM wave scattering & rough surface modelling

Electromagnetic Wave MATLAB Library - MoM, SPM, Kirchhoff, etc. (University of Washington, U.S.)

Optical constants & reflectance spectra databases

SOPRA database (SOPRA SA, France)
ASTER spectral library (JPL, Caltech, U.S.)
n,k database on NSM (Ioffe Institute, Russia)
Refractive index database (Mikhail Polyanskiy, BNL, U.S.)

Research groups

LACEO (Laboratory of Applications and Computations in Electromagnetics and Optics, Univ. of Washington, U.S.)
Division of Manufacturing Systems Engineering (Luleå Univ. of Technology, Sweden)
Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (Stuttgart University, Germany)

Commercial products

MATLAB - The Language of Technical Computing (Mathworks, U.S.)